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Internal Regulations


In order to make your stay in our farm pleasant, we ask you to carefully read the regulations and the established rules of conduct. At the time of booking confirmation, the aforementioned regulation is tacitly accepted . 


We renew our welcome, thank you for choosing us and wish you a happy and pleasant stay.



Guests are invited to observe the following rules, in order to allow a pleasant stay for others and for themselves:  


  • DOCUMENTS : Upon arrival, guests, adults and minors, must be provided with identification documents in order to fill in and communicate their presence to the police: Identity Card, Passport, Driving license are fine; 

  • The data you provide will be treated in compliance with the confidentiality obligations governed by the legislation of law n. 675 of 12/31/1996.


  • The Check-in service is available from 15:00 on the day of arrival and the rooms must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed with the management.

  • The Early Check-in and Late Check-out service, if possible, may require a service charge.

  • At the time of Check-In the entire stay must be paid , if it has not already been paid at the time of booking, any extras will be paid at the time of the request; the following payment methods are accepted: cash, debit cards, credit cards. Rates are per day regardless of the time of entry . 

  • Customers who leave early are required to pay for the room for the remaining days of the reservation pursuant to art. 1385 -1386 cc and subsequent amendments . 

  • Upon departure, the room keys must be left in the room. The loss of the keys has a cost of 50 € and will be charged to the customer.

  • The PARKING of the cars is reserved only for guests of the Agriturismo, in the special marked parking lots and no further. The parking is unattended: the management is not responsible for any damage or theft caused to the cars in the parking lot.


  • PROHIBITIONS : For safety reasons, the use of ovens, food warmers and irons is forbidden throughout the agriturismo (both inside and outside the rooms). It is forbidden by the municipal regulation to hang clothes on the windows or on the chairs. Also prohibited inside the wardrobes in the room. Use the special drying rack supplied : inside by attaching it to the radiator, outside in the special hooks . 

  • In the hours 23:30 -07: 30 customers are asked to observe a behavior appropriate to ensure that the rest of the guests is not disturbed (including the high tone of voice in the rooms area, noisy shoes in the rooms, slamming the doors or noises of another kind). The use of television or radio is allowed with moderate volume . 

  • Parents of children or teenagers (or whoever exercises parental responsibility) are responsible for the acts carried out by minors within the structure, they are required to supervise them making sure that they maintain a correct behavior towards other guests and are obliged to respect the silence;

  • Access to animals , even small ones, is not allowed .

  • It is absolutely forbidden to let people who are not registered into the room enter the room, visits must be authorized by the Management, any guests must necessarily identify themselves, leaving an identity document at the reception which will be returned at the exit.

  • If the visit is extended beyond 10:00 am, it must be authorized in advance by the Management and a surcharge will be applied as per the price list. In case of lack of communication, the unauthorized person will be reported to the competent authorities.

  • SMOKING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN inside the rooms and the structure. Smoking is allowed in the open spaces or outside on the terrace: you will find an ashtray in each room . 

  • It is also forbidden to use the toilets to throw waste and it is advisable to use the specially prepared bins.


  • DEPOSIT OF VALUES : the Management declines all responsibility and any reimbursement for goods outside their rooms . 


  • CHANGE OF LINEN IN THE ROOM : The towels, included in the room price, are replaced after 3 days of stay of the guest while the sheets after 7 days, whatever the conditions of the linen. Therefore, guests are asked to make adequate use of the linen provided and not to throw the towels on the floor in order to have them replaced after a single use since the towels are only wet but not dirty. We therefore recommend that guests put the towels to dry in the  special spaces for this use, such as the towel rails in the bathrooms, avoiding storing not only the towels but any other wet garment both on the chairs and on cabinet doors or anywhere else in the room not intended for such use. It is possible to request the change of the set before the scheduled days: an amount equal to € 5.00 per person will be charged for bathroom linen; for bed linen a supplement of € 15 per double bed and € 10 per single bed will be applied. Should it be ascertained the lack of linen supplied in the rooms, the guest will be charged the amount of € 10.00 per piece, as compensation for damages.


  • ROOM CLEANING : The cleaning service will take place, on request only, every 3 days at 10:00. Customers wishing to use this service are requested to allow access to the room at the times indicated. Otherwise,   if the customer refuses to have the cleaning performed, he will have to wait another 3 days to be able to use this service. The customer is still required to leave the room tidy (clothes, objects or various accessories on the floor), otherwise the room will not be cleaned and this situation will be made known to the customer. Should the room be found in conditions of dirt objectively beyond the norm or of dirt produced beyond normal use that a guest can reasonably create, an extra € 15.00 will be charged, in addition to any damage found from dirt or inappropriate use. , such as indelible stains on bedspreads, curtains, bedroom furniture etc. For the extra cleaning service (before 3 days) an amount of € 25 will be charged, excluding bathroom and bed linen changes.


  • To protect the environment, please do not waste water and electricity, when you leave the room it is mandatory to close everything (doors, windows and French windows), turn off the lights and air conditioners.

  • Any damage to the structure, objects or furnishings will be charged to the customer who caused them, at the cost of restoration.


  • The Wi-Fi is free for the exclusive use of the guests of the structure.


  • The KITCHEN located in the structure is for the exclusive use of staff , including the refrigerator. To avoid unpleasant inconveniences, a video surveillance camera was installed . 

  • To ensure greater security, the exterior of the entire structure is under video surveillance. In the common areas there is the rule of vice: please dress with appropriate clothing, avoiding topless, nudity or being dressed only in underwear.

  • It is mandatory to respect the vegetation, the land and the animals of the farm, any damage will be charged to those who cause them.


  • In the event of suspension of the supply of electricity due to Enel, water due to the Aqueduct, the WI-FI service due to the operator or other causes of force majeure, the Management declines all responsibility and is not no reimbursement required.

  • At the unquestionable judgment of the management, failure to observe these rules, and an incorrect behavior that seriously damages the harmony and spirit of the Agriturismo, may result in the removal as unwanted guests. In this case, the removed guest will not be entitled to a refund of any of the amount paid, subject to the management itself to claim compensation for any damages and prejudices. Please note that at the time of booking confirmation, the aforementioned regulation is considered accepted, including any more unpleasant consequences. The management also warns that if forced it will quickly alert the members of the police force; incidents of serious disrespect towards the management or whoever represents in the case in question will be treated in the same way.


  • For any faults or problems please contact the number 347.5252387

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